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Two Generations of Experience
and Expertise

The Charrington's Family Griffin

“Our family Griffin presides over every bottle as a guarantee
of quality”

Two Generations of Experience and Expertise, quality dessert apples, single variety apple juice, kent craft cider

Family history

We’ve two generations of apple growing experience and expertise to draw on so we know exactly the right moment to press our apples: when they’re at their peak flavour and texture. We’ve been a family-owned business since Clive Charrington bought Cryals Farm back in the 1960s and over the years we’ve supplied our premium quality apples to all of the UK’s supermarkets.

His son Alex has been at the helm for several years now and has successfully diversified the business. He takes the same top quality hand-picked apples that he sells to the supermarkets (only they’re a millimetre too big or small for their packaging!) and turns them into our ciders, juices and crisps. This reduces food waste and improves the farm’s sustainability as well as creating deliciously distinctive products for you to enjoy.

Our Farm


Meet the team

We’re a small team with huge passion.

Alex: I grew up on the farm and have been involved for as long as I can remember. I work hard to grow the finest apples I can while conserving and enhancing the farm’s environment. I’m always looking for new ways to innovate and products to develop.

Grant: I’m a childhood friend of Alex and did odd jobs for his father during the school holidays. I joined the business a couple of years ago and help Alex develop and expand the cider and juice side of the business.

Our mission is to change people’s perception of cider and show them that it can be a premium and refined drink to challenge the sparkling wines. We’re excited to be leading the charge and taking cider in whole new direction.

Our People


Our awards

All of our hard work, dedication to quality, and the deliciousness of our products has been recognised by both Great Taste and the Quality Food & Drink Awards.

We’ve been winners at the Quality Awards three times: Best cider for Queen of Cox (2018) and Cryals Classic (2016); and Best Sweet Bagged Snack for our Apple Crisps (2016). We’ve also been Highly Commended twice and were twice shortlisted for Small Producer of the Year.

Three products have been awarded Great Taste stars: 2 stars for Captivating Cox; and 1 star for Private Bin and Ravishing Russet.

Our Awards


Our Apples

At Cryals farm we grow nothing but apples. We have traditional British varieties, as well as more exotic modern ones, such as Gala and Fuji. We lovingly nurture all of our trees so that they produce the finest fruit all of which we pick by hand (if an apple falls to the ground on our farm it stays there!).

In our ciders and juices we use classic British varieties (coxes, russets and bramleys) while to our Apple Crisps we also include Cheerfull GoldTM (a new local variety from Sissinghurst in Kent). We only ever use apples we’ve grown ourselves in our own orchards, which is how we can guarantee their quality and traceability.

Cox: Britain’s favourite apple and quite rightly so. With their excellent flavour and distinctive tang, crisp flesh and attractive appearance they are everything an apple should be.

Russet: Often overlooked in favour of newer bright and shiny varieties on supermarket shelves, they have a complex taste of nutty sweetness and are superb sliced with cheddar cheese.

Bramley: Everyone’s favourite cooking apple, from a hearty crumble or pie to a sauce to accompany roast pork. Their flesh becomes golden and fluffy when cooked and is simply delicious.

Our Apples


Sustainable farming

We are Red Tractor and LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) accredited. Red Tractor is familiar to shoppers with it’s distinctive logo. LEAF is the leading global organisation delivering more sustainable farming and food.
We practice Integrated Farm Management, a whole farm approach to business. It uses the best combination of traditional methods and modern technology to achieve a prosperous farm, enrich the natural environment, conserve wildlife, engage with local communities, and grow the best quality apples.

In 2015 we were awarded the Emsden Trophy by the Kent Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group for our contribution to conservation in Kent. All over the farm we maintain wildlife habitats round hedgerows and the reservoir. We also try to engage and educate visitors by keeping footpaths well maintained and posting information boards and maps.

Sustainable Farming