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Delicious Apple Crisps – WINNER of Best Sweet Bagged Snack at the Quality Food Awards

At Charrington’s we’re always looking for innovative and flavoursome ways to tempt you with our wonderful homegrown and hand-picked apples. So, as well as pressing them into pure juices or fermenting them to create distinctive sparkling ciders, we’re also slice and air-dry them to add a little crispiness! Initially you get a satisfying crisp crunch but as you chew a lovely apple sweet tang is released. Who says healthy can’t also be delicious?

A satisfying, indulgent and nutritious snack for both kids and grown-ups. The whole family can share and enjoy them together. Ideal for school lunchboxes, office desk drawers, gym bags, picnics… Great eaten on their own but they also go very well with a nice cheese board selection. And within six months of launching our Apple Crisps were a national award winner!

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Best Apple Crisps

Apple Crisps (15 x 20g)

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  • A medley of British Cox, Russet and Cheerfull Gold™ apples from our own orchards in Kent
  • ​No sugar or sweeteners, no flavouring or preservatives and not fried in oil
  • Very low in fat and a single bag counts as 1 of your 5-a-day
  • WINNER of Best Sweet Bagged Snack at the Quality Food Awards in 2016

Quality Food Awards Winner Apple Crisps


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