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Meet Our Team

Small team - huge passion

Alex, meet our team, apple growers and craft cider makers, charrington, charringtons, charrington'sr


I’m a second generation apple grower and have spent my life around apples. I always work hard to grow the best apples for the supermarkets, do what I can to conserve and enhance the farm’s environment, and now try to make delicious premium ciders and juices.

When I’m not out on the farm I’ll be spending time and having fun with my young family – the next generation!

Favourite apple: A traditional British Cox is hard to beat.

Favourite drink: I honestly like them all otherwise I wouldn’t be selling them! If I had to choose, I’d say Private Bin (although my wife prefers Queen of Cox!)

Grant, meet our team, apple growers and craft cider makers


I’m a childhood friend of Alex and used to do odd jobs around the farm for his father during the school holidays, such as picking apples or painting the storage warehouses. My role is to develop the cider and juice side of the business but I also help out wherever needed.

In my spare time I can usually be found doing something sporty, like running through the countryside getting muddy.

Favourite apple: Russet (very closely followed by Bramley…baked in a crumble… with cream!).

Favourite drink: After a long run a big glass of Ravishing Russet really hits the spot.

We’re both passionate about our craft ciders and pure juices and get a real kick out of people telling us how much they enjoy them and wanting more. We especially love it when we meet people who claim they “don’t like cider” and we’ve made it our mission to change their minds with ours! While we are purists in the sense that we don’t add any other fruity flavours to our ciders (cider by definition is made only with apples!), we’re also excited to be taking cider in a whole new direction to challenge the sparkling wines. And we’re doing this with premium quality – not with gimmicks.